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What We Do


Our Project

Exploration Dance Project offers inclusive dance classes in Kelowna, BC for people of all abilities to explore movement as a means of creativity and artistic development.

For Any Body

Our classes welcome any body, bringing together people with and without disabilities to explore movement and create art as a unique group of movers! We strive to provide an open, safe and fun environment where everyone can experience the joy of moving and creating within a diverse community.

Our Creative Difference

We have adopted some of our inclusive structure from the DanceAbility method. For example: each class starts and ends with an opening and closing circle, which provides an opportunity to get to know each other. We give participants an opportunity to talk about their mobility or health challenges in a safe and comfortable environment, by asking ‘what do we need to know in order to dance with you today?’ We realize that day-to-day things can change, so we foster a very open and safe environment for people to discover themselves and how they move. The goal is to reduce barriers and create opportunities for those who may not otherwise have access to them. 

Who Can Join

We are excited to be creating more opportunities in the Okanagan, for artistic driven activities that promote healthy and inclusive lifestyles while giving EVERYONE a dance class they can fit into. This is for all skill and ability levels! Everybody is welcome, whether they have never danced with purpose before or bring years of professional training.  Together we focus in on one common goal: exploring movement and creating art in a safe environment.

All Genders

In the opening circle of each class we ask everyone to state their name and their preferred pronouns. Common pronouns are she/her, he/him or they/them or some people may want to be referred to only by their name. We ask that participants in Exploration Dance Kelowna make an effort to not assume anyone’s gender pronoun and use their preferred pronoun.  

Scent Free Space

As some of our participants experience severe scent sensitivities, we ask that people come to class as scent free as possible. This means please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, hairspray, scented creams and deodorants - including essential oils. This is to ensure that our classes are a safe space for everyone.

Foot Wear & Mobility Devices

Many of our participants use various mobility devices such as wheel chairs, crutches and walkers. These are all very welcome and can become a part of the dance. Please bring clean, indoor shoes to class whenever possible. Bare feet or socks are also welcome, but just know that there may be wheels moving around you. We ask that wheelchair users do their best to clean and dry off their wheels and chair before entering the studio in order to keep the floor clean. 

How to Join

Location: Rotary Centre for the Arts - SUN FM Studio

To register, call or go online:

(250) 717-5304

For more information:

Participants who require one-to-one support must bring your own assistant who is willing to be an active participant in the class.

More Questions

If you have any questions, concerns (or you just want to tell us how awesome we are!) please contact us at: